Tanya Goodrich has a doctorate in physical therapy and is a caring, amazing professional. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and began doing trigger point release therapy on the internal and external muscles right away. She also showed me how to enhance her work myself at home. Within a month or two my husband and I were able to have intercourse.
— GB, San Francisco, CA
I had been avoiding high impact activities for years because they caused me to ‘leak’ even with a pad, eventually sneezing and coughing became a problem as well. When I talked to my friends, I realized it was a common problem called stress incontinence, that many women live with and accept. Kegels didn’t work. My OB recommended seeing a pelvic floor therapist. Tanya realized that I had diastasis recti and showed me exercises to close the gap and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I was very skeptical at first but willing to try, thinking I would eventually require surgery. Two months later, I can run, sneeze, cough without ‘leaking’. It’s exhilarating to have control over my body again, and it was so easy and fast. I can’t thank Tanya enough, she’s great, she’s makes you feet so comfortable, she’s very positive and professional.
— AN, Berkeley, CA
Tanya is magic. The last 40 years could have been so much easier! I went to Tanya for pelvic physical therapy and I don’t have to pee every hour anymore. I get more sleep and I can avoid public restrooms. She’s amazing. I can’t recommend her enough!
— PD, San Francisco
Not just for women! Two days after my first kettle bell workout, I was feeling serious pain in sciatic nerve area on both sides. Knowing Tanya is an expert in the Psoas/Pelvic arena, I sought her out for advice. She knew exactly what to do. 20 minutes of therapy, and she had broken up the blockage and sent me on the road to recovery.

This part of our body is so important. As westerners who are trained from early childhood to spend our days sitting in chairs, we are really doing a number on our hips and sympathetic muscles. Pelvic therapy is going to be the front line of wellness in the future, and Tanya’s expertise, intuition and professionalism makes her a must-have part of my health care team.
— DF, Mountain View